What's happening with RR.

333 new/old pictures by Quman
are put up in the picturegallery.

The website has been updated with a new picturegallery
and lots of new pictures.

The website has been updated during a longer while with nothing mentioned here.
More than 10 new movies and more than 100 pictures
We have passed 200.000 unique visitors.

Updated the pictures section.

With combined efforts we will try to keep this website more up to date with new pics and videos

1 new movie under VIDEOS/MOVIES by GSXR1100R.

We have passed 100.000 unique visitors. 7 new movies under VIDEOS/MOVIES.
3 new clips under VIDEOS/STUNTCLIPS.
New server for the movies. Now everything works as it should.
Big thanx to Zeus for the webspace.

We have passed 25.000 unique visitors. A new "musicvideo under Videos/Fun.
59st new photos in different categorys.

New movie with "The Small RR" under VIDEOS/MOVIES. "Scooter Mania II part 1"

Check out the new movie under VIDEOS/MOVIES. "Practise makes perfect"

Updated the linkpage & put up some more weathermaps. There is also a couple of new operatorlogos
on the fun page. The seasson is buzzin' and the wednesdayridealongs has begun (read more in the forum)
We have also updated the memberspages.

3 new movies from RR that have passed 20.000 unique visitors.
The forum i boiling, register now! Don't forget to sign up for the SMS-list for 2002.
It didn't work out with the first operator so now it's 100kr for 125 SMS. That will keep you coverd this year.

2 new movies from RR that have passed 13.000 unique visitors.
The Forum is really kickin' off. Don't forget to sign up on the SMS-list
for 2002. The fee is 25kr for April-August.

Time again for some new design. Because we have joined our forum with our
brothers, PotatoesMC, we needed a litte makeover. A new logo has also been made
and a new movie made yesterday. You can find it under VIDEOS/MOVIES. We have also
passed 10.000 unique visitors. Not to bad for our little site. The season lies at our feets
with a lot of new faces that wants to ride with RR, and that we like.

Happy new year to you all from RR that have passed 6000 unique visitors.
New pictures from the Saint-Lucia MC-caravan.

Time for a little uppdate in the Christmas/New Year chaos
3 new clips under VIDEOS/SILLY & STUNTCLIPS.

Yesterday we celebrated Saint-Lucia in Sweden with a MC-caravan and RR was there.
Check out the movie under VIDEOS/MOVIES
Photos from this event will be up ASAP. Thanks to Kruvmakaren

Wow ... we are impressed ... 4000 unique visitors in 49 days. Thanx alot.
New clips under VIDEOS/SILLY.

Juha thought that KetogaN was being a bigmouth so we
put up a little clip under VIDEOS/STUNTCLIPS.

We have enterd the christmasmonth. Right now the summer feels so faraway.
3000 visitors on 40 days, is a sign that it's not only us that's longing.
Rokk On!

We have put up 4 small stuntclips under VIDEOS/STUNTCLIPS
Like a little teaser to the new movies in the making.

Thanx alot for your visits .... over 2000 visitors on 30 days.
We have been informed that the service to get free
operator and grouplogos for your mobilephone will expire
the 17th december 2001, so hurry up and get yours.

Two new categorys up, FORUM and FUN. In FUN you can get free
operator and grouplogos for your mobilephone. The FORUM is
for talking to other madheads.

It took us 19 days on the web to get our first 1000 visitors.
We would like to thank all madheads and try to offer alot of new
movies during the winter. Check back often.

We have added Windows Media 8 format on the bigger movies
so it's easier to download if you've got a slow connection.

A new 86MB movie up in VIDEOS/MOVIES.
This movie is an old re-edited unreleased movie that kicks ASS!

Now we have done something completly un-nessesery again ... a WAP site.
Now you can enjoy RR site with your mobliephone.
The adress is http://wap.radicalriders.net/
If you don't have a WAP-phone you can try it out with WAP.com
....or Halebop.com

We have updated with alot of new photos,
some from this years Bikemeet.
An old re-edited unreleased movie coming soon ...

Now the site is ready. Now the memberspages with login works.

2 new movies from trackdays this year.

Big update on the members pages.
I also added some new photos.

Now big parts of the site is Swedish too.
The only thing missing is the Members pages.

Changed host to www.leanangle.com
Faster and more reliable server.
Thanx alot Morgan.

New design on the website. Easier and brighter for your pleasure.
New pictures & videos.

Changed host.

Changed name to RadicalRiders from South Swedish Hell Drivers
and got the domain www.RadicalRiders.net

A motorcycle ride in the memory of Micke

The last trackday on Knutstorp Ring this year.

The new movie by KetogaN & Mr Kawasaki is up.
SSHD - A normal Wednesday. Close to 16 minutes

Trackweekend at Anderstorp Ring with Mitonga Racing & Crossroads MC.